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Responsive web Designing refers to such web design that has the feature of adjustment with any kind of screen resolution. When a web page needs to be presented on a number of screen resolutions and shapes then it is important that it should have that compatible coding and dimensions feed. When we deal in the conventional type of web designing then it is hard for the old web pages to get adjusted with any kind of screen and provide the same result as well. While the responsive web design make sure that the users can have the same effective and crystal clear result on all the platforms they use to brows the site. The web designing includes such coding that sill simply let the site to be displayed at any type of device.

How it works?

The working of Responsive webpage is simple and easy to understand, it has the fluid grip concept with flexible images and other media files. All the features made it a great and flexible package to deal with and display on all the devices around the globe. Due to the flexibility of graphics, coding and other media files the side is able to provide full resolution results to the visitors on all the devices.

Compatible for All Devices

The best feature that comes with the Responsive Web designing is the one for all, each and every device that we are using at present have its own screen resolution and demand for display. The responsive website is able to get displayed on all devices at once without any specified settings or coding as well. If the web developers have the conventional website then they needs to develop the web page for all devices separately according to the resolutions settings. But, in case of responsive web designing there will be only one web page design with liquefied coding that will simply let it fit to all the devices easily. After having the responsive website designs if you consider it is enough then you need to understand some of the statistics that are important. Generally the responsive web site is enough to get a site run on all the devices but it is recommended to you that you should have a mobile version of your web page. This will make sure that you mobile browsers will get the complete and accurate version of the web page. With the responsive web pages a user can open your link on multiple devices but with the mobile web design it will be customized for the mobile phone and will help the user to have better presentation as well. According to the statistics it is evaluated that almost 70% of the internet users use to browse the internet on mobile devices such as iPhone, Android and Blackberry cell phones as well. Out of these 70% the 60% are the accurate users who use to browse different sites through the mobile devices and these are your potential visitors in this case. At Real Web Idea we provide you the opportunity to have the mobile version of your site that will accommodate a huge number of your potential web visitors. In case of the mobile web design you are not required to have a separate URL but the site will be featured on the same URL. When the browser will browse the site form a mobile devices the link will automatically get shifted to the mobile site and the user will get the mobile version of the site. You can have the both versions on the same URL and can entertain your users from different platforms.

Benefits of Mobile Websites Designing

Having the mobile view of your website will make it easier for the user to go through the site on mobile because it provides you’re the clear view of the content over here. There are a number of benefits attached to the Mobile Website Designing that are highly considered by our professionals.

Creating a Mobile Web Page is a challenge for the web developers as it is far different form the conventional web development. The codes, media files, page size and many other components needs to be considered widely and treated properly as well. At Real Web Idea our developers make sure that they provide you the best and ultimate services when it comes to the mobile web designing. Because here some the our real expertise, we have to make sure that the site’s data will by sync to the both version and on mobile version you have less capacity data so it will not take too much time to load on phone. Most of time the users is running mobile data while browsing on phone that is sometimes slow due to weak connection or there are a number of the reasons involved. In this regard if your mobile site is heavy and have major files in to then it will take too much f time to load. So, we make sure that your site will be sleek, smart and light in weight as well so you can easily let your users to browse it anywhere. As technology grow the competition grow in the same manner and now web developers are in another competition zone that involved optimization, accessibility, designing, attractive presentation and many more other than the content and quality services. If you have good content or quality services then it is not just enough or fine, you have to make sure you will have the best site design and perfect optimization of your web page as well. So, here comes the solution to your problems at Real Web Idea. We ensure to provide you the ultimate web development and optimization services that will lead you towards the direct success and let your to grow rapidly in the field.

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